((This was going to be a Nuzlocke run I told myself, but that was before bullshit knock outs began occurring. Now, it’s just a semi-Nuzlocke because fuck this.))

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If you guys were to leave the hideout for a day and come back to it as a huge smoking crater, who would you believe to be the culprit?

"… … Axel or if it happens to even be that friend of his, I swear to Arceus if either of you do anything to the Hideout, you’re banished from this world forever,” Agrev stated firmly scowling, clearly unimpressed by just the ‘what if.’

"I don’t care if either of you are a demon or an Overlord, you’re getting your ass picked up and thrown. I did not work my ass off constantly fixing this damn place up for you to destroy it by whatever means or reasons," Driton added.

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Mouse didn’t know whether to laugh, run or just try and talk, they all seemed to assume so much about her, a thing she hated people to do. She supposed, because she was only 16 and looked small for her age anyway they thought she was a child and therefore could be regarded with such low force. She forced a smile though, trying to keep as nice as possible. 

"No, my parents have not joined me in my journey." she answered, not like she wanted them to anyway!

"And I find you rather rude too, thank you." she replied, annoucing it to the three as she didn’t know who was who. She stopped quickly, realising this wasn’t exactly being friendly, rather being quite rude. She hoped that wouldn’t effect their opinion of her. 

"I’m Mouse" she said with a smile. "I was surprised to hear people around here to be honest, I thought this was a place not many people liked to venture through, though I guess I was wrong. Who are you guys?" she asked polietly. 

"Oh, so you’re on a journey with your first Pokémon then." Jinok’s brows went up at her comment about them being rude. Well… they were being rather nosy, even if it was under concern for her wellbeing. Course, it probably didn’t come off as such. Usually doesn’t help when your brother doesn’t always have nor use tact. "I do apologize for the intrusive questions. I can assure you we didn’t mean to be rude."

Gaply just laughed softly. “She told you. You know, maybe we were wrong and are underestimating her abilities. I think she’s fine, especially if she’s gonna bite back.”

Fudlo glanced over at Golit with a faint smirk. “I don’t think she’s gonna put up with your crap.”

"Good. More people need to not be afraid to put him back in his place," Jinok stated.

Golit just snorted rolling his eyes and crossed his arms. While it may not appear like it, he was a bit amused by Mouse’s spunk. She definitely wasn’t a pushover. “Alright, then, feisty; perhaps I was being a bit rude and tactless before. Sorry about that; it’s a bad habit. Mouse, right? As in the animal? Don’t lose that backbone. You’ll need it.” He gave her a small smirk. “Anyway, I’m Golit. Shorty is Fudlo, Chuckles is Gaply and Naggy over there is my brother Jinok.”

The smirk from Fudlo’s face fell to a frown of being unimpressed from the description; Jinok just rolled his eyes. “At least I don’t have to overcompensate for something,” Fudlo finally said causing Gaply to burst out laughing and Jinok throwing a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing himself.

Golit glared at him. “Excuse you? You wanna say that again?”

"Not in front of Mouse. Now is not the time," Jinok said chuckling a bit, still smirking.

"She’s not the only one feisty right now," Gaply laughed.

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Gonzap's mustache is fake.

"As is your intelligence," Gonzap countered without skipping a beat.

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I think goes without saying what Gonzap's weakness is.~~ *mockingly waves fingers* Tickle tickle.~

Gonzap stiffen, inhaling sharply as he drew back a bit. “D-don’t even so much as think about it!”

Wakin chuckled softly. “Yes, that is solely my territory.”

"You too!"

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Mouse smiled apologetically as he, or rather they, caught her. She was prone to tripping; a fact she hated about herself. She glanced upwards, surprised it was a number of people trailing round the forest instead of one, still, it didn’t deter Mouse as she was aways happy to meet new friends.

She was surprised however, when suddenly a hundred of questions asked about her, some personal and some just plain different. She tried to answer them but just as she was about to reply, a new question was asked. She looked at the last one speaking, thankful that he at least slowed it down a little. 

"I’m not alone" she replied indignantly. "My camp is not far off at here, near the river. My pokemon - my partner Maril - is there." she explained, tucking her hair nervously behind her ear. "I heard some voices nearby and wondered if anyone needed help." 

Jinok arched a brow at her reaction to being regarded as on her own. While it wasn’t necessarily what he meant, to be fair, she was correct. She did have a Pokémon on her. “Alright, so you’re not as alone as you seem. I guess I should have been more specific. I take it no human is here with you.”

"Though… if my asking is alright, why are you out here so late? Where are your parents," Fudlo inquired hesitantly.

"Well, someone is certainly defensive. If it wasn’t obvious before that no one besides your Pokémon is here, it certainly is now from that attitude," Golit stated.

"To be fair, you kind of have an attitude yourself," Gaply countered, ignoring the scowl he got from Golit. He turned back to her, noticing her nervousness. "Ah, there’s no need to be so nervous. Well, actually… considering there’s four men out in the forest at night that you don’t know are throwing a bunch of questions at you would make anyone nervous. Heh, but don’t worry, we’re not here to order you around, especially since it’s not our place, or do anything else, if by chance you’re concerned about that at all." He gave her a cheerful reassuring smile. "And thanks for the thought, but we happen to know our way around the forest ourselves. By the way, what’s your name, kiddo?"

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"Sooo.... About that gigantic hole over there, how long has it been there? Is it very recently made? 'Cause I'm certain that it wasn't here before the last time I was over... I think." Guess who just finally noticed that damn hole after all these months? This dork here. [I couldn't resist.]



My muse agrees to be completely honest and spare no details for one of your muse’s curiosities, but only one. What does your muse try to find out from mine?

Driton immediately opened his mouth to say, probably more so snap, something only to close it a moment later sighing, conceding defeat to the constant damaged wall questions. Instead, he settled for pinching the bridge of his nose. “It’s been there the entire time; years to be more exact. Frankly, I cannot believe you’re just now seeing it. How the hell do you get in then if it’s not through the hole when it’s not covered?”


Both eyebrows goes up in surprise at that. “Whoa seriously?” He glanced over his shoulder toward the wall, stare at it for a moment, then back at him with an somewhat baffled look.

“Okay, just who or what did the in hell did y’all pissed off so badly that it left an gigantic-sized hole, Driton? Was it one of those Cipher creeps y’all once mentioned before? Man, they must of been real pissed if they tried to use a bomb on y’all… Or at least, I’m assuming it’s a bomb that was used. It certainly looks like it, if ya ask me.” He then blushes sheepishly at Driton’s last words. “Erm… w-well… how do I word this? I… I think I might have noticed it before but, since property damage is such a commonplace in the Netherworld, it didn’t really clicked in until now. Y’know what I mean?”


Driton opened his mouth to correct Axel as to whom it was that caused the damage, but paused and shut his mouth not even a minute later before he could. It was in that moment that he recalled that Axel still did not know about some things. The full extent of what Cipher is and what they have done, Snagem’s original alliance with them and Wes and theirs long-term falling out before they worked things out, albeit several years later, but at least it got worked out. Better late than never, right?

"Erm… not exactly. It wasn’t Cipher, but you are right in that we did piss something or someone off enough to blow up the Hideout or at least parts of it. And yeah, it was done by bombs." Driton paused again to listen to Axel’s explanation as to why the damaged wall didn’t immediately click until now. "… somehow that does not surprise me whatsoever, especially if you got guys with the title ‘God of Destruction.’"

He was going to need to talk to the others later about letting Axel in on a few things since they were the kind of thing that was better coming from them and not through another source. Arceus forbid if that ever happened. Driton didn’t know how Axel would react.

Attack of the Rewritters ((Closed RP with askwesandteamsnagem))


"My name is Rindar. Sort of like ‘Radar’, but without the first ‘a’. I do pick out things with my eye pretty nicely. Like bumps in the desert that aren’t made out of sand. Only…I’m not the best at picking up things. Oh, and I don’t expect to get the best out of things. I just expect something to be there." He smiled, thinking of how the answer the next question.

"Wes? Like West without the ‘t’?" He didn’t seem to know anything about Cipher. Not until a couple seconds later. "Oh wait, you’re the guy who beat the copycat. I almost thought it was a Zoroark. But then I thought ‘why would a Zoroark have a Pokemon attack people with a Togetic?’. It was weird, but you did pretty good in kicking his ass." He sighed. "I wonder how they make those disguises…well, let’s not worry about that since I hear they have been beaten again. Like three times. That’s more then Plasma did in Unova, but hey, lets try getting something out of the forest instead of the past, am I right. I don’t get my hopes THAT high, but I can expect at least seeing something really cool. So…what do you say, Wes?"

The first thought that ran through Wes’ mind was about how the other’s name easily sounded like those found in Orre. Was he sure that he wasn’t from Orre because that name sounded a lot like those here. Not that it really mattered though. The chance of parents naming their kids weird names outside of Orre was a high possibility. Kid seemed to talk a lot at that; then again, Wes wasn’t exactly the biggest social butterfly and he typically didn’t always have a lot to say unless it mattered.

"Essentially," Wes answered Rindar’s question about his name. He had to keep himself from cringing the moment Fein was mentioned, albeit a slight one did make it through, more so in the form of facial twitch. Great. So he did know a bit about it. "Thanks," he finally murmured, shifting uncomfortably. At least the foreigner didn’t make a scene out of it, so there’s that.

Wes arched an eyebrow slightly at the mention of Team Plasma. It took him a moment to recall who that was. While he didn’t know a grand amount about the villainous team, he had heard a bit about them here and there. It made him realize that Orre was not the only one that suffered under and dealt with others trying to take over by less than desirable means. However, he remained silent on the topic. While Wes wanted to remind Rindar that even the sight of a single Pokémon was still rather low, he felt it would be better not to restate anything, stomping on his parade and just let him have his fun. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d been told he had a habit of raining on peoples’ parades. Then again, not everyone was an optimist.

Wes shrugged. “Can’t say I know for sure what you’ll find, but hopefully it’ll be worth your while and not a waste of your time,” he settled for. “As I said, I can lead you to the forest without a problem, and back if it’s needed.”