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"So, how was it like wearing that maid's dress for a little over a week?"

Driton snorted giving Justy a mocking look, crossing his arms. “I don’t know. How did you feel wearing that maid’s dress for a little over a week? Because I’m pretty sure you’re mistaking me for you because that was only a day for me, pal.” He finally shrugged. “I don’t know weird? I suppose it wasn’t that bad after you get used to the breeze down there and others aren’t bugging you about it.”

((Who the fuck is calling me from Oregon…))

TMI Tuesday


Sup guys its tmi tuesday so ask whatcha want, nonsexual and reverse tmis are welcomed

((I’m sorry, but I am ecstatic about this. We had a quiz today in class, but I forgot and didn’t study. So it became a matter of crunch time studying. Thankfully we went over that chapter real fast again, along with another because my professor brought in the wrong quiz lol. He’s running three classes that are currently on the same material, so he has a reason to be confused and mix them up at times.

I managed to get 10/10 on that quiz nonetheless. I passed that shit like a pro, ignoring that I did get one question wrong, but getting 1 out of 2 of the extra credit questions right made up for that. I would say my study habits are shit because no matter what I tend to study at the last minute, but it gets the job done now doesn’t.))


((Did someone say maid dress?))

I’m starting to question you a bit Seka.

Excuse you. My want as a mun to pick on and torment muses has nothing to do with my being turned on by maid dresses, I assure you. I will submit you a maid dress if you’re not careful.

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Briza Sindey: "Why do asses turn people on, Snagem men?"

"That’s a very good question that I don’t know," Hobble answered. "Never really thought about it nor cared."

"I think the better question is why do certain things that turn people on exist. Some of those are fuckin’ weird and I wouldn’t touch with a 100-foot pole," Golit muttered off-put at the thought of some.

"Why do you like certain foods and activities? Some reasons for liking something may not always be clear, but then some might be but only to those that enjoy it," Wakin stated. "Therefore, we cannot really give a definite reason, especially if we have no opinion on it in the first place."

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Comes in covered with an white sheet. "Uhhhh... Boo! Desco is now an scary ghost! Tremble before her new form! ... Big sis told Desco to try something new out for a bit. That's why she looks like this now. Uhm... Is Desco doing good? She has never tried doing ghosty stuff before so she doesn't know..."

"You’re actually more cute than scary to be perfectly honest," Gaply said. "…and maybe a bit silly." He added and knelt down to her level, plucking the sheet off. "Might’ve helped if it wasn’t just some plain ol’ white sheet… and you had cut out holes for your eyes to see. But hey, at least you’re in time for Halloween. Pretty sure you can start picking out costumes now. You could probably find a really scary one to spook us with then."

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Has anyone ever seen somebody try to have a small flying type pokemon that knows Fly to fly him/her to somewhere only for it to fail due to said pokemon being too small or/and not strong enough to carry him/her?

Biden snorted, giving a wry grin. “Pff- No, but I wouldn’t doubt it if someone has tried it, especially here. Can’t say everyone in Orre has the greatest brain cells compared to some.”

"You would think people had more common sense than that, but then I wouldn’t recommend putting too much faith in humanity anyway," Niver added.

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Is it true that jumping off cliffs is a perfectly normal way to train yourself to fly? Is pushing folks off cliffs also a great way to help train somebody too?

Stares. That’s all they got from the group for the moment.

"Now, I know Fight-and-flight would definitely be a response to… purposefully jumping off of a cliff to teach yourself to fly…, especially since there have been mothers who have lifted a car off of their child in the past, but… No. No, it’s absolutely not! Why would you do something like that?!" Raquel gave them a horrified look.

“Fight-and-flight isn’t going to do a damned thing if you haven’t the wings or whatever else needed depending on the world you’re in, since we need to take that in consideration, that you need for such an act!”

"Who jumps off of a cliff to learn how to fly anyway," Driton scoffed.

"Who pushes someone off of a cliff as a means of training," Wes countered in a heartbeat.

"While I didn’t approve of it myself, you have to admit that it… did actually help… per se," Fusten murmured. "Upper body strength—"

"That could have been achieved in a far better and safer means, and still doesn’t excuse the fact that you all were horrible for doing it in the first place or not stopping it,” Wes muttered.

"What doesn’t kill me should run, because now I’m fucking pissed"