do you know how many laws my muse has broken

do you know how fucking many

((I have a list of what I need to do; three threads I need to reply to, which are saved in my drafts, pickup line prompt asks, asks in general and how I’m going to send a Pokemon over to someone. However, since the motivation is there and I think it needs to be done soon, I’m actually going to be revamping the blog’s world building notes

A friend of mine has been working on her Orre headcanon and I found that I agree and love a great deal of it; therefore, I’m going to be converting over to it in some aspects. As of now, I don’t expect anything to change so drastically as some things can be either minor edits in or minor edits out. In another cases, I never really went over the climate in great deal, some things never got mentioned and I’ve developed the world more over time.

Even though some things are changing, that does not mean I cannot do what I did before. For example, I support Orre being both a hot or a cold desert. I can go with either or in RPs. However, for the sake of the universe alone, I will only be going with one in the headcanon.))

Introduce your muse!


Name: Hobble
Age:  34
Height: 5’6” ft. (167.6 cm)
Eye Color:  Blue
Hair Color: Auburn (You know… when he has hair on his head)
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Species: Human
Nationality: Kalosian
Positive Weaknesses (like tickling or cuddling): Cooking, fashion, neck rubs and anything along the lines of being artistic
Allergies: None that he knows of
Fears: Loving someone more than they love him, losing people he cares about, being sick and sudden change that he didn’t initiate. He’s also not fond of large crowds; being in small spaces and having no sense of security.
How sickly they are: He’s actually pretty healthy despite not always having a lot a food around.
How often do they hurt themselves: He doesn’t hurt himself often, unlike some of the others who rough house too much. Course, he can have minor mishaps nonetheless.
Relationship Status: Single

                                     I ɴever мeαɴт тo ғαll ғor yoυ
                                     Bυт I wαѕ вυrιed υɴderɴeαтн
                                     Aɴd αll I coυld ѕee wαѕ wнιтe…


A message from Anonymous
So anon looked at that list of purified pokemon and just now noticed that there's a Magikarp on there. Oh my god. Did those Cipher creeps actually went out of their way to make a SHADOW MAGIKARP?? BUT WHY EVEN????

"From what I heard when I still… worked per se for them, it had apparently been a joke, a cruel one, one of the scientists thought would be funny," Laydin disclosed. "For them it was certainly amusing, but for that unfortunate Peon? Not so much."

A message from Anonymous
Eh? Too young? Really? Desco didn't know that-- And hey! Desco isn't just some little kid! She's a very powerful final-boss-in-training who will one day destroy you! Mwuhahaha! ... How was that? Did she sounded like a final boss? Desco hopes so! Oh, and uh she thinks you all lost your virginity at age 1500! Humans do live for that long, right?

Fudlo continued to peer at the strange looking child, or Desco as she kept calling herself. He had absolutely no idea what was going on. He wondered if she was a demon. She certainly looked like one, but he couldn’t be sure.

"Erm… I can’t say I’m a good judge of that, I’m afraid." Final boss? For what exactly? He was tempted to ask, but the thought quickly left his mind at her next question. She really didn’t know much did she? And so innocent at that. …Quick! Someone get her out of here! She doesn’t need the others corrupting her.

"No, they don’t unfortunately. If they did, that’d be pretty amazing. Humans typically don’t seem to live that many years over one hundred, if they’re lucky," he explained.

A message from Anonymous
Which one of you has the worst farts? ((The sad thing is the fact that this is actually a serious question. Not even kidding.))

The question earned the Anon quite a few strange and put off looks from the lot.


"What the fuck."

"I don’t know what you Anons do anoning it up on your free time, and that’s entirely your own business, but… no one here keeps track of that nor throws their face into someone else’s ass to determine it,” Biden muttered.

"At least we know where their interests lie," Gaply stated wryly.

A message from Anonymous
Imagine what would happen if any of ya'll were granted some sort of special invincibility power called "God Mode" for a week. How much ridiculous chaos would ya'll caused like that? How much fun would ya'll have trolling the poor locals and non-locals?

"Depends entirely on a number of things. What’s the catch? Is there any catch? I can only imagine that invincibility only goes so far. Is there any after effects of the damage potentially sustained prior? Will we be hurting after it wears off? We can’t be causing too much chaos now. After all, we are trying to ‘behave’ per se or enough so, after all," Hobble answered.

He paused a minute, having a sudden thought cross him. “Then again… some of us probably wouldn’t stop to consider those things. …Unfortunately.”

A message from Anonymous
What if Cipher could transform humans into pokemon?!

Golit gave a skeptical snort. “I highly doubt it. It sounds more like some shit you’d find on a horror forum or just some horror story that spreads like wild fire to freak out the locals,” he stated. “Doesn’t matter if it’s a ‘what if’ scenario.”

"Even if it is merely a ‘what if,’ the thought of it is still distressing, you have to admit," Jinok said.

((So as I said, here is a list of everyone’s ages of when they lost their virginity. Obviously, I’m probably gonna need to explain a few since some might be curious as to why it was at that later age, compared to the others, who lost it at a younger age.

Also went back and added a nsfw tag to the other posts that I forgot to and probably should have. Just take this as a small note that if I ever forgot to tag something that you think I need to, please, by all means let me know and I will tag it appropriately.))

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