september 20th, 2014     ↳ day of the forgotten regions
september 20th, 2014
     ↳ day of the forgotten regions
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21. (NSFW) Going to a strip club


Spit-takes. Stares. STAAAAAAAARES.

"….. First of all, not while David is over there, waving that horse wiener around at Wes (and other unfortunate passing locals) as if it’s some magic wand. Him doing that shit in the strip club will get us booted out the door real quick. … Also, is he drunk? It’s kinda hard for me to tell, especially since that sort of behavior is normal for him… but, judging by how he keeps swaying around and nearly falling onto his face, I’d say so. Secondly, not that I don’t mind the offer here or anything, but…. uhhhh…." He raised an brow in amusement, "I thought you weren’t interested in that sort of stuff, Michael. I guess I was wrong about that."

Some of them glanced back to look at David making a fool out of himself, annoying Wes. Where did he exactly get one of those again? They were both morbidly curious and not entirely sure if they wanted to know the answer.

"That or he’s at least tipsy and just messy around to purposely embarrass Wes like he’s done in the past apparently," Hobble stated. "I wouldn’t worry about it. He’ll be fine."

Michael’s eyes widen as his face turned the same shade of red as his hair. “Ex-excuse me? I’m just being dragged along! Nothing more! And what do you mean by that?!” He dropped his face into his hands groaning in embarrassment, muttering, “Why is this happening…”

But guys, think about super close platonic relationships


  • Platonic reassuring shoulder/arm/hand grabbing
  • Platonic tight, meaningful hugs
  • Platonic late-night deep conversations that end in at least one person holding back tears or sobbing
  • Platonic sleeping in the same bed
  • Platonic forehead touches
  • Platonic staring into each other’s eyes like the other person is the world
  • Platonic CUDDLES





"It’s hard to say. Sherles looked puzzled when I got there. In fact he didn’t even noticed me until, Johnson offered me refreshments. "

Justy knows that Sherles is a busy guy, after all the poor man has to deal with Johnson and the rest of the Orre region. But, it was strange that he was looking at Snagem’s crime record in the first place. Perhaps its something that was overlooked from the past Shadow Pokemon incident, 5 years ago.

"Well, regardless, maybe one of you should talk to him. Just to clear things up."

Biden’s brows went up as he regarded what Justy said curiously. That’s certainly surprisingly, especially since Sherles is usually so clear-minded and aware, keen on what is going on in his surroundings. To have him not even notice Justy was there until Johnson did something was peculiar.

The Admin couldn’t help but wonder what Sherles had on his mind and quite possibly having to do with them. Was he finally going to attempt to bring them in? He got a small chuckle out of it. That’ll be fun, but he would actually feel a bit bad leading the older man on a wild goose chase considering what he has done for them when he didn’t need to.

"I’ll talk to Gonzap and others about it. Gonna want to have some things sorted out before we do. Who knows what the guy has on his mind or is possibly planning."

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Mouse blinked. Orre? She never heard of it before; nor thought she would be in such a place. She was far off from home in Kanto, and that worried her slightly. She glanced at her partner Maril, seeing if she recongised the place; but with a shake of her head it indicated no. Mouse sighed, hoping she’d be able to get home. 

Mouse laughed, watching the interactions between the trio; it was interesting to watch and quite different from her own experiences. Having no one but pokemon by your side really changed your prespective and though it was nice having Maril, she did sometimes miss human interaction. 

Trying to zone in to the conversation, Mouse could only nod though was concerned when mentioned ‘the others getting worried’. “Shouldn’t you head off? To see them, I mean. If loved ones; or friends can’t get to you - it would be a worry.” 

Fudlo blinked. She was worried about them getting home to the others? Here she was out here on her own and she was worrying about them. Sweet kid. “I wouldn’t worry about it. If worse comes to worse, we have a Pokémon on us that does know Teleport to get us to a location with a signal if we need to update them immediately.” Though to be honest he was kind of tired and wouldn’t mind heading home, but first things first.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about it. As Fudlo said, we can still easily get in contact with them if needed. Though,” Gaply glanced around, “it really is probably time we get home considering the time, but I don’t want to go just yet unless I know you’ll be fine. Out here is probably one of the better places to stay, but still. Unless…” he eyed her suspiciously, yet playfully, “you’re just saying that to make us get lost.”

Fudlo rolled his eyes exasperatedly. “It’s too late for your shenanigans.”

“Are you sure you will be fine out here on your own? I don’t doubt that you’ll be able to defend yourself with your Marill, especially since there are typically not that many people out this late, much less in this area. But is there still anything we can help you with if you’re intent on sleeping out for the night,” Jinok inquired.


If there is one thing about the Dimensional Gates that Axel greatly dislikes, it would be their occasional tendency to screw up destinations. Sometimes, the screw up would be only be somewhat off from the intended destination while other times… well… let’s just say it would more than “somewhat off”, to put it lightly.

Thank the gods that this particular screw up wasn’t so bad. If it had been an different case… well, let’s just say that the younger demon’s patience wouldn’t last for longer, especially if Alexander decided to open his mouth (which would definitely resulted in him eventually getting smacked).

Anyhow, moving on.


"Hm? Oh, well, alright." He chuckles a bit. "Yeah. It’d probably be for the best anyway, especially since they’re much more used to my unannounced visits." His tendency to often visit them unannounced, especially back then when the group hadn’t warmed up to him yet, probably had some contributed to that, but he isn’t gonna mentioned that.

Approaching the closed front door, the blonde Dark Hero does something that he probably hasn’t done before with his human friends. What’d that be? Why, he knocks on the door. Oh, and he yells out an greeting in case that wasn’t enough to draw their attention.


"HEEEEY! HEEEY GUYS! IT’S ME, AXEL! MIND OPENING THE DOOR AND LETTING ME AND ALEXANDER IN? I’D REALLY APPRECIATE IT!~" … Axel, I don’t think it was necessary to yell that loudly. Like seriously, the entire region probably heard ya with how loud you were. 8|

It was a rather quiet and calm – or as calm as one could get in the region of Orre, especially with the latest events that happened recently with the Pyrite Mines – day surprisingly around the Hideout considering all of the characters living in the structure. They were looking into Miror’s status to the best of their ability with their resources, but it was to no avail as not much had been done about picking up the debris. Looking for any that had possibly been caught in the cave in was a struggle while gaining access to the former entrance was still in process. The ONBS building was on limited access themselves until it was determined that the building was safe to be in due to being directly next to the former mines.

Everyone was so preoccupied in what they were doing, be it researching the damage, cleaning up, etc., that they and even their Pokémon roaming free did not notice the presence of the two demons until Axel let out a bellow alerting them all of their visit, causing a majority if not all to practically jump out of their skin. Little did the two demons know that a certain Dragon had been napping and basking in the sun when they came by and shouted, startling it right awake and making it rather cranky.

Agrev appeared at one of the top windows and glared down at them. “Do you HAVE to scream that loud?! Why can’t you just come over like any normal–,” he stopped when he heard the Salamence throw her head over the railing roaring loudly, and jerked his head up to peer at the Dragon. “Shit!”

“Oh, dear… You’ve woken Titan up,” a sighed came. Wakin appeared at the window horizontal to the other. “She can be quite cranky when she’s woken up abruptly, especially when she’s not ready.” The two Snagem Admins glanced back into the building, listening to someone. Wakin nodded taking something and leaned halfway out of the window with a Poké Ball, calling the Salamence back into it. “Sorry, for the rude awakening, girl,” he murmured and handled it back to someone before turning his attention back to Axel and Alex. “Someone should be opening the door in a moment. I must say that I am surprised that you are not doing your usual method of entry.”

“I think I prefer the other – whatever that might be – if you’re going about trying new ways,” Agrev scowled.

“I see you’re both back in your bodies now,” Jedo noted smiling a bit at them, joining Agrev at his window as they shared half of it.

A voice suddenly appeared in Alex’s mind, hoping to give him a quick head’s up. “I knew you would be back before long,” Wisteria, the Gardevoir from prior giggled lightly. “I apologize for entering your mind without permission again, but it is of an urgent matter that I do. You see, we’ve recently learned of some damage that was done to the mines in Pyrite Town. I take it you have found Miror B. I do warn you now, some here; specifically those whom you met prior are not very pleased by the events, dear.”

That was all she said before the front door opened to reveal Wes giving Axel an exasperated look, and he certainly wasn’t the only. As the doors opened more, Rui, David, Biden, Raquel, Jinok and Golit came into view with him. Golit snuck a glare at Alex before Jinok reined him back in, scolding him under his breathe.

“Can’t you ever just knock like everyone else,” Wes muttered.

“Now where’s the fun in that,” David smirked. “Gotta make a dramatic entrance and keep everyone on their toes.”  

“You’re not helping.”

“Good to see you two are both back in your rightful bodies. I hope getting rid of that button wasn’t too much trouble this time around,” Raquel stated smiling at them.

“That button is the least of their concerns now,” Biden mumbled, earning a swift smack to the arm and a look from Raquel.

“I hope you didn’t have too much trouble returning home and were not too late for whatever it was that you needed to attend. I know the desert can be quite easy to get turned around in. I do have to ask that while we appreciate the parting gift, I think that axe out front is better suited with you,” Hobble said placidly to Alex.

“Just go with it. This is what we told Axel when he asked about how some of us met you already. You came to look around the world out of curiosity, but got turned around and asked for directions to return home,” another voice mentally told Alex. An Espeon had appeared next to Wes to relay some private information that they didn’t want Axel hearing. Rory finally asked the question they were all wondering.

“Is Miror all right?”

"Okay, I understand you like acting like an idiot, but I seriously have a lot of things going on right now. I can’t deal with this right now."


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"Miss Lady (Raquel)? Why do you and your friends seem to be alright with Axel? Aren't you worried that you or your friends might catch his idiocy? Big Sis told Desco to stay away from him because his idiocy is contagious and she doesn't want Desco to become stupid as him. But you don't seem to be affected though. Does that mean you're immune to it?"

Raquel blinked at the string of questions from the young demon. Ouch. Whoever her older sister is was rather… harsh. Axel could definitely be silly and not always quick to process or understand things, if you don’t take into account the two very different world cultures, and do things that leave them questioning logic, but…

She gave a soft chuckle, placing her hands on her knees and leaning down to Desco’s level. “Well, considering everyone here deals with one another on a daily basis, you could say they’re immune to idiocy and of the like, course there are still those moments… but I digress. Point is, Axel isn’t contagious in any form, sweetie. He’s,” she paused a moment trying to think of a better way to explain it without insulting the man, “he’s… I wouldn’t say he’s unintelligent, but he, like everyone else, has their moments of being… having a lapse in thinking capability, or in less pretty words, a brain fart.” There she did it. She tried. God, did she ever try.

"But I wouldn’t say that it’s contagious in the form of a flu or any other illness. Your sister just doesn’t want you around him all the time in the fear of you being influenced in some way, which in her mind is most likely the bad, but I wouldn’t worry about it. She’s just pulling your leg, all right?" Oh, lord Arceus she is so sorry if she still insulted Axel in some form.